Epson’s new deal – more expensive printer for cheaper ink

Consumers hate having to pay enormous sums for printer ink.

So no. 3 printer manufacturer Epson is going to try something new: a new line of printers that cost more up front, but with ink that will last longer, the company says, and not require refills for two years.


Most current consumer printers sell for $100 or less, but the profits come in ink refills.

The new line of EcoTank printers, out in September, starts at $379 and goes all the way up to $1,199.

Epson says one set of ink cartridges for the printer will sell for just a little less than a current ink set–$52 per set.

One cartridge of ink for the new printers has the same amount of ink as 20 current cartridges, Epson says.

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